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William A. Thau, III, P.C. provides high-quality, innovative legal services in all matters relating to the defense of Driving Under the Influence (DUI)/Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charges.

DUI/DWI cases stem from the arrest of an individual for operating a motor vehicle while having a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) over the limit prescribed by law. Penalties can include fines, driver’s license suspension or revocation, mandatory attendance at DUI schools, community service, probation, installation of a breath alcohol ignition interlock device, or a term of imprisonment. Additionally, individuals who refuse to submit to blood alcohol or field sobriety tests may also face criminal liability.

In the early stages of a DUI/DWI case, prior to the filing of formal charges, our firm strives to find ways to minimize our clients’ criminal liability. Once charges have been filed, the attorneys at William A. Thau, III, P.C. work diligently to provide the best possible defense. Our firm is committed to timely, personalized interaction with our clients, including regular discussions of the strengths and weaknesses of each client’s case, so that our clients have the necessary information to make informed decisions at each stage of the criminal process.

Our goal in representing a DUI/DWI client is to protect the client’s driver’s license from suspension or revocation, obtain a pre-trial dismissal of the criminal charges or an acquittal at trial, a non-DWI disposition, or reduced or eliminated jail time and fines. While this is not always feasible, the attorneys at William A. Thau, III, P.C. do not stop advocating on behalf of our client until the client’s interest is best protected. If you have been arrested for DUI/DWI, or are facing charges for refusing to submit to blood alcohol and/or field sobriety tests, please contact William A. Thau, III, P.C. at (361) 937-5513 for a consultation with one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys.